the in-Kingdom Total Value Add (IKTVA) Program
it's a win-win, and win again program


A key part of the agenda will be a series of Investment Opportunity workshops. These workshops will be open to pre-invited companies only. The purpose of each workshop is to showcase investment opportunities for the localization of specific equipment or services within the Saudi Arabian energy sector. The workshop will provide details of the specific opportunity, anticipated market size, sources of demand and high-level technical requirements needed to close the supply chain gap. This introductory information will be supplemented by more detailed value propositions that provide further details and are intended to provide a platform for discussion for a potential investor. The workshops will allow investors to interact with key players related to each opportunity through an open question and answer session and 1-2-1 engagement during and after the session. There will be 9 workshops with each workshop presenting between 7-10 specific opportunities. The workshops and selected opportunities are as follows:



1. Oilfield Equipment: includes packers manufacturing, drill pipe manufacturing, drill collar manufacturing, liner hangers, PDHMS monitoring systems, coiled tubing manufacturing and whipstock manufacturing.


2. Elastomers and chemical derivatives: includes elastomers for tires, non-tire rubber products, organic synthesis and elastomer conversion equipment as well as molded plastics and coating treatment.


3. Static components: includes valve manufacturing (butterfly, choke and plug) carbon steel pipe manufacturing, pipe fitting manufacturing and non-metallic / reinforced materials.


4. Oilfield Chemicals: includes drilling fluids, proppants, well stimulation agents, production chemicals, workover and completion chemicals, additives, lubricants and stabilizers.


5. Metals and Machining Services: includes investment casting and forging (closed-die and open-die), metals testing services, heat treatment services, precision machining, and welding services


6. Electrical Equipment: includes fuses, batteries, inverters, circuit breakers, UPS, relays and Current and Voltage transformers


7. Rotating components: includes, bearings, fans mechanical seals, generators, low voltage motors and hydraulic products.


8. IR 4.0: includes smart meters, sensors and controls and cyber security and instrumentation for flow meters and pipeline integrity management


9. Water and Renewables: includes PAM, coagulants, membranes, filters and sludge thickeners


Electrical Equipment