the in-Kingdom Total Value Add (IKTVA) Program
it's a win-win, and win again program

Participating in iktva

iktva is now an integral part of Saudi Aramco procurement; therefore, participation is required for doing business with Saudi Aramco.

What do I need to do to participate in iktva?

iktva participation is a 2-step approach:

  1. iktva baseline: using the iktva survey, we measure and identify your company’s current iktva score.
  2. Action plan: once the baseline has been identified, your company and Saudi Aramco can work together to develop a 5-year iktva action plan to improve your iktva ratio.


To identify the iktva baseline     

  1. Download the iktva package that includes the iktva survey and other supporting documents from the download page
  2. Complete the survey and get it certified by one of the approved audit firms.
  3. Once your survey is certified by the audit firm, submit all certified documents via the iktva Survey Submission form on the website.

*You may send us a copy of the survey while it is being reviewed by the auditors for our initial review.


Developing an iktva action plan

Now that you have a certified iktva, use the current iktva score as a starting point for your 5-year iktva action plan; utilizing the available guide, you will find that you have collected a tremendous amount of valuable data. You must take this information and present it in a way that tells a detailed story of how you plan to achieve the desired goals set forth in the IKTVA program.